Titres disponibles

 If you are interested in writing a Cochrane Review with us please send an email giving some information about your team and the reason for choosing your topic.

 Please explain in a brief paragraph why you think this is an important topic and give examples of the randomised trial evidence you will be reviewing. Also describe your professional background, your personal experience of carrying out systematic reviews in the past, what training you will need and who you will be working with.

We expect any new team to include at least one leading author previously involved in all steps of a fully published Cochrane Review, someone with methodological and statistical expertise and someone who is demonstrably fluent in writing English.

Here is a list of available titles but feel free to suggest others....

- Radical radiotherapy for stage I / II non-small cell lung cancer in patients not sufficiently fit for or declining surgery (medically inoperable)

- Anti-angiogenics for malignant pleural mesothelioma

- Thoracic radiotherapy for extensive-stage small cell lung cancer

- Cisplatin + etoposide versus other platinum based regimens for people with extensive small cell lung cancer

- Mini-invasive procedures for the staging of NSCLC (DTA review)

- Addition of anti-angiogenic therapy to first line chemotherapy for advanced non-small cell lung cancer